A word from DS Teresa Welborn – 10/19/18

I sometimes joke that the main reason I’m on Twitter is so I can get the daily updates on El Arroyo’s sign out front. El Arroyo is a restaurant in downtown Austin and their daily signs are usually a guaranteed laugh for me each day. Earlier this week it read: “The temperature went from 90 to 55 like it saw a state trooper.” It has been quite a change in weather! And of course along with the drop in temperatures came an abundance of rain. May we continue our prayers for all those affected by flood waters. May we also be thinking of what action steps we can do to assist. If you have been trained as an Emergency Response Team member, please be thinking about your availability. You can find more information here or feel free to contact our disaster relief coordinator Jim Street directly at jim@jimstreet.com. Additionally, donations  can be made by check to the Rio Texas Conference designated for Advance #2050, and mailed to Rio Texas Conference, 16400 Huebner Rd, San Antonio, TX 78248. Your giving will support the Rio Texas Annual Conference Disaster Response Fund for immediate and long-term response and is tax-deductible.


I look forward to visiting churches during the Fall Charge Conference season. By now clergy have received the date of their Charge Conference and they are joining the lay leadership in moving forward on completing reports. This year, we move to more group conferences. I have created a simple video to help explain what people can expect at Charge Conference. Feel free to share it with others such as church laity and staff. You can find that video here.    

As referenced in that video, I invite churches to consider using Bishop Schnase’s updated and revised Five Practices for Fruitful Congregations book as a resource. Delegates to the 2018 Annual Conference received a copy of the book. Rev. Dr. Douglas Powe, Director of The Lewis Center for Church Leadership, recently interviewed Bishop Schnase about the new Five Practices book. You can find the podcast here.   

Be encouraged!,