A Word from Teresa – 11/16/18

A word from DS Teresa Welborn  

We are excited to welcome Bishop Schnase to our next district professionals meeting. In the lectionary cycle, this meeting falls between Christ the King Sunday and the first Sunday in Advent. At this time of the year, we receive the invitation to consider the practices that help us place Christ at the center of our lives. And we also have the opportunity to consider how we might approach the busy holiday season. Rev. Sharon Vandegrift is life coach and member of the Eastern Pennsylvania conference. She writes:

“Most church pastors and staff members find themselves navigating a complicated maze of additional worship events, increased program activity, year-end reports and annual budget decisions. Of course, there are also family and personal commitments that emerge in unique ways at this time of year.”


It is probably unrealistic to suggest that we all just slow down so that we might truly tap into the full breadth of spiritual opportunity the season has to offer.  However, it is certainly possible for us to better pace ourselves. Intentionally putting off a few things until after the holidays; truly entrusting responsibilities to others; and scheduling a few hours each week to be out of the office and away from the hectic nature of daily activities are just a few ways we can pace ourselves for the long haul.


As you look towards the coming Advent season, how will you be intentional about practices that assist you in staying centered in Christ? How will you create space  that allows for reflection and waiting upon God? How will you pace yourself?


Stay encouraged!




“Most of us are living at a pace that is not only unsustainable; it’s also unbiblical.” 

~~ Craig Groeschel,