The Child, Youth, and Vulnerable Adult Safety Policy was approved at the 2017 Annual Conference for implementation at the close of the 2018 Annual Conference. Please see the conference website for additional information and resources regarding the latest Child, Youth, and Vulnerable Adult Safety Policy changes, resources, and trainings:
Simply put, here are the basic steps your church needs to take for the implementation of this latest policy:

Step 1: Working with Safe Gatherings. will be the hub for all certifications, applications, and background checks. Churches must set up an administrative account and individuals set up their own individual account to begin the process. The RTC has subsidized the cost of this amazing, time-saving, administrative tool-the total cost for the local church is $10 per person.

Step 2: Adopting or updating your local church safety policy. Click here to view the Rio Texas Conference Child, Youth, and Vulnerable Adult Safety Policy.  

Step 3: Implementing your local church safety policy

Step 4: Screening your staff and volunteers. Make sure that clergy and everyone in your church working with children, youth, or vulnerable adults has created an account with Safe Gatherings and is certified, “Trusted con Confianza”.

Step 5: Training your staff and volunteers. Those working with children, youth, and vulnerable adults must be trained through the conference training, “Trusted con Confianza” every two years. Child abuse awareness training and your local church safety policy training must be completed every year. You may sign up for a “Trusted con Confianza” training at

Step 6: Accountability-Living into the covenant together

If you have questions regarding the Rio Texas Conference Policy or how to implement a policy in your context please contact Rev. Dr. Tanya Campen at

The Capital District UMC now offers Stewards of Children Online Child Abuse Prevention training for all churches within our district-and any district who may be interested in this program.
Child abuse prevention training is required annually for those working with children and youth by our Rio Texas Conference. With the adoption of a new Child, Youth, and Vulnerable Adult Safety Policy* and the recent addition of the 2 year conference training (Trusted con Confianza) using Safe Gatherings, one year of child abuse prevention training will already covered in that training. You will, however, still need an abuse prevention program for the off years and Stewards of Children and the varying programs they offer is highly recommended because of the free in person trainings and engaging format.
Stewards of Children Online training is $10 per user and the additional trainings are $5 and is billed after training is completed to your local church directly from the Capital District office. If you need scholarships for trainings, please let us know. You will receive a list of users who have completed the trainings through your church log in when you are billed.
The Stewards of Children online training is at the following link: SOC Training
Directions for the training here. (When registering your physical address, click on the light gray state title in the drop down menu to continue. )
To schedule a free in-person Stewards of Children training, please contact