A Word from DS Teresa Welborn – 4/18/19

It is Holy Week and I think of all the time and energy clergy and laity are giving to worship services and other special events. Thank you for all you do to share the unconditional love of God and hope of our Resurrected Savior! 
As I enjoyed a bit of writing and more preaching during the season of Lent, I often leaned on the latest book by Diana Butler Bass entitled Gratitude. She reminds us that Jesus gave the disciples the invitation of a lifetime. And, Jesus extends that same invitation to us today – to follow him in the way that leads to abundant life. 
Just this week, my husband and I stumbled on the Netflix series “Our Planet.” Some of you are likely already aware of this program, but I had no idea about it until I was scrolling through to find a show for my daughter. We have only watched two episodes, but I am already hooked. The images are breathtaking as live footage brings us up close with marine life in Antarctica, flamingos in Africa and many other species throughout the world. Of course, the underlining theme of this series is the negative impact humans are making on the environment. I try hard to recycle and make wise choices for the earth, but there is certainly a lot of room for improvement. I got to thinking about this. Why is it so challenging to make good choices about how we will care for the earth and the environment – especially when we have significant information about the importance of making good choices? In large part, I think, it is because the urgency of the immediate gets in the way of the importance of the future. In other words, while we know the choices we make will effect the future, it is still hard to prioritize the future. 
I am pondering the ways in which I can prioritize the future based on my behavior in the present. It comes in ordinary, daily choices such as healthy eating habits and making plans to visit with long-lost friends. It comes in significant decisions such as how I can prepare now for motherhood with a teenager even though my daughter is only 9 and how I will plan for retirement even though that seems years away. Above all, it is about how I will practice today being the person I want to become. It is one way to practice resurrection. 
Stay encouraged!