A Word from DS Teresa Welborn – 7/12/19

Earlier this month my daughter Clare and I were a part of the UMArmy family mission trip to the valley. During the days we spent in mission together, we built relationships with new people. It was an honor to get to know other team members throughout the conference, including a few families from Leander UMC and Pflugerville FUMC. We were hosted by Wesley UMC in Harlingen. Pictured here is our team leader Kate Johnson from Pflugerville FUMC and Rev. Jeanna Martin of Wesley Harlingen.

            We also connected with those we were seeking to serve alongside. This was a particularly moving and even heart-breaking experience considering the crisis at our border. All of us – children, youth and adults – spent time at the Good Neighbor Settlement House in Brownsville. Find a video on Good Neighbor here: https://riotexas.org/stories/2015/7/23/brownsvilles-good-neighbor-settlement-house Some of us assisted in the food pantry and others of us were present with those seeking asylum. A particularly touching scene was some of the younger children from the mission team playing games with children who had just recently made the journey to the border. In large part I signed Clare up for this mission trip to help teach her that there is “a world beyond herself.” Of course, in the end I was reminded of that myself. As most of you have experienced, mission work transforms us.

            These days, we are all effected by the reality at the Texas/Mexico border. As Christians, we believe that our lives are connected with all persons with whom we share this precious and fragile planet called Earth. We believe the story of God we find in the holy scriptures call us to offer hospitality to the stranger and compassion to those who live in fear and danger. And so, when we hear news of unjust and inhospitable immigration policies and reports of the inhumane conditions in detention centers, our hearts break and our souls become weary. We become overwhelmed about whether we can make any real difference. As disciples of Jesus, may we not grow weary in doing good and working for justice. May we continue to pray and may we continue to find ways to act. Some resources to get you started can be found at:


            Stay encouraged,