A Word from DS Teresa Welborn – August 15, 2019

I remember early on as a DS receiving a call from Rev. Rusty Teeter, the director of the Texas Wesley campus ministries at The University of Texas. He was calling to inform me of some conversations he and other leaders on the board were beginning to have with a potential partner who was interested in their building located on Nueces Street. Fast forward to this weekend where I attended the first board meeting held in the New Texas Wesley. An incredible transformation has taken place over the last few years. A partnering organization called Capstone made arrangements to move Texas Wesley to a new location while Capstone entered a major building project. The project demolished the old Texas Wesley building and constructed on the site a high rise for student housing. Within the building is space dedicated to the New Texas Wesley. The transformation has been incredible to watch and experience. Rev. Teeter and other leaders on his team have worked diligently to ensure business details have been handled well throughout this process and in the midst of it all, the ministry remains their top priority. Now that the ministry will be moving back to a new building in their old location, I invite you to pray for The New Texas Wesley and all campus ministries as the Fall semester begins. Please note the invitation to the open house and dedication at The New Texas Wesley here. It will be held on October 13th in the afternoon and all are invited to attend to tour their new facility and show their support.


As I was on campus this past weekend, I drove away and had to navigate my way through streets that were filled with moving trucks. A great number of college students were moving in. The streets were lined with UHAULs and the sidewalks filled with students unloading their belongings. I returned home to look up the school supplies list for my daughter’s new school year and headed out again to do the shopping. Though I am not beginning school as a student or teacher, at each summer’s end I sense God extending to me an invitation to begin anew. Even if we ourselves aren’t going to back to school, we can reconsider priorities and even dream a little about all that we will learn and experience in the months ahead.


A few days ago one of my devotionals included a Prayer of Blessing for Students and Teachers. I was struck with one line in particular that prays, “May students and teachers alike be charged with curiosity and courage to make this world a home where hope endures.” (The blessing in its entirety can be seen below.) May it be so for all of us who seek to follow the one who came to show us Love’s way.


Be encouraged!,



A Prayer of Blessing for Teachers and Students

Eternal God, your wisdom is beyond our understanding.

Yet it is revealed to us in the life and love of Jesus, your Son.

Bless students and teachers as they begin anew.

May they, like Jesus, grow in wisdom, age, and grace.

Enlighten them with your Word and fill them with your Spirit

  that they may follow the path that leads to your wisdom.

Bless teachers with compassion and patience, joy and peace,

  and bless, too, all who assist them.

May students and teachers alike be charged with curiosity and courage

  to make this world a home where hope endures.

Open their eyes that they may see your presence each day,

  open their ears that they may hear your voice in unexpected places,

  open their minds that they may understand the mystery of your love,

  and open their hearts that they may grow in likeness to the mind and heart of Christ.

Grant this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

(Prayer written by Diana Macalintal in “Give Us This Day.”)