At last year’s Annual Conference, Director of In Mission Together’s Patrick Friday, drove home the harsh reality that we can actually be hurting the very people we are trying to help by not being in partnership or relationship with them.  In Mission Together has become a tenet of the UMC through both Global Ministries and ministry in our own communities. 

The Capital District recognizes ZOE Ministries as a leading example of In Ministry Together. Gaston Warner, CEO of ZOE Ministries, has his roots here in Texas-though his branches spread across the world to Rwanda, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Liberia, India and Guatemala. 

ZOE has found that for real change to occur, all of the challenges holding children in poverty must be addressed simultaneously: food security, disease prevention, housing, income generation, vocational training, child rights, community reintegration, connection to God, and education. When these were all addressed at the same time, the results were both quick and life-changing. The empowerment program transformed these neglected orphans into leaders of their own communities.


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